Colour ring for blue bird

Colour ringing of Rollers has started in the areas of the project. The aim of the individual marking is to get more information about the Rollers’ migrating routes, habitat preferences and that very important fact that whether they use the same nestbox or choose the same mate year by year. Our knowledge is very poor nowadays about them so new informations will contribute to know the species better and provide more effective conservation of Rollers.

Photi: Domján András

Tarsus of Rollers are very short which can make the read sometimes quite hard so a proven marking method (Red-Footed Falcon project) is adopted. The characterised ring includes two letters’ and one number’s combination, there are always 2 letters on the first part of the ring and the number is found at the back of the ring (AA1).

On the other leg ( left one) there are the obligatory metal ring and an one-coloured narrow ring which made by the same metarial as the charecterised ring. It means the regio code. The number of the characterised ring and the regio-code ring mean the same, so it’s kind of a coloured-code.

If you read succesfully a colour-ringed Roller please contact us (