Consequences of the unfavourable weather in May

Early summer weather was not favourable for Rollers in 2010. As a hole-nesting species Roller is quite protected against weather- circumstances. Longer wet period could make its foraging activities much more difficult. The breeding season of this year has started very good, lot of pair have returned from their wintering places and occupied nest-box.
Some pairs tried to nest but the larger part of these nests have been died because of lack of food. Sometimes only one chick could make it of the four ones. 

Photo: Tokody Béla

It is very sad that we found an adult bird as dead on its eggs because of the bad weather and not enough food.

Photo: Kiss Orsolya

The major part of the roller pairs had delayed their start and have left their territories and returned back only couple of weeks later.
This strategy was successful, they laid less egg than the average but they could raised them.